Louise Stephen, Author of Eating Ourselves Sick

Our diet has changed radically in the space of 100 years. We have swapped home-cooked food made with whole ingredients for processed food made from sugar, seed oils and refined grains. Modern day food is cheap, convenient but also hugely destructive to our health.

When former business consultant Louise Stephen developed a serious illness in her early thirties she became acutely aware of just how common chronic diseases had become – especially in wealthy Western nations. She started to investigate using her business and research skills to find out how our modern diet related to our decline in health.

What she uncovered will change the way you think about processed food – frozen dinners, breakfast cereal, packaged snacks, dips, flavoured drinks, bottled sauces – and the industry that is profiting from the commodification and toxication of our food supply.

Stephen shows us how Big Food is picking up where Big Tobacco left off, employing skilful marketing to nudge us towards increasingly processed food, while hoping we’ll fail to notice the the commensurate rise in obesity and decline in health. Stephen reveals how governments and peak health bodies are often powerless to intervene and, even worse, are sometimes complicit in convincing us to ditch our wholefood ingredients for factory-made products.

This is not a diet book.

“People are fed by a food industry that pays no attention to health, and are then treated by a health industry that pays no attention to food.”

Wendell Berry

Reviews for Eating Ourselves Sick

“Louise Stephen’s powerful, no-holds-barred demolition of Big Food dissects the profit motive that has filled our food supply with toxic oils and sugar, and shows us how money is destroying our health”

David Gillespie, Author ‘Sweet Poison’, ‘Toxic Oil’, ‘Big Fat Lies’ & ‘Eat Real Food’

“There are many books on the market telling us what is wrong with our health and giving us a variety of solutions, but Louise Stephen explains why we are where we are: historically, politically, and scientifically. Louise asks you to challenge the collective wisdom and to question much of the accepted dogma.”

Dr Ross Walker, Consultant cardiologist, MB BS (Hons), FRACP, FCSANZ, Consultant Cardiologist, Author, Speaker and Media Health Presenter

“What an eye-opener! We have tossed aside the nutritional wisdom of ages for a crock of prefabricated foods. The consequences for our health have been dire.”

Trevor Turton

“A book everyone should read. It is a book that will make you rethink the food that you put into your body and makes you really think about why our society has become so sick in the last 50 years.”

Lewis E

“You choose your heatlh by your choice of food. I am delighted to read this well researched book documenting so much of what I know is true about diets and preventative health.”